(File this blog post under cool things we do in the world of social media)

Soooo, the very wiley, creative Aaron Strout came up with a nifty idea of getting 20 or so bloggers to write a haiku about their favorite brand, or a recent experience with a brand that needs a little storytelling a la Japanese poetry…. Here’s the link to the idea, and the list of 20 other bloggers out there. Follow along!

Here’s my take:

Boloco. That’s right
Thanksgiving in a Burrito
A quarter to cancer.

Curious? Confused? Here’s the quick story for you…. A local (for now) burrito chain here in Boston (Boloco) is following along the Movember cause for men’s cancer and has created a special Late November” burrito as we lead up to Thanksgiving. This burrito is like Thanksgiving dinner (great green beans). And, for every one they sell, they’ll donate .25 to Movember. Nice work guys. Not surprising considering their excellent track record in social media here in Boston.

And another…

Apple has a way
Ipad, iPhone and TV
to make me happy

Here’s an abbreviated list of other cool haikus, check it out….and use hashtag #brandhaiku if you feel like following along on twitter.